Выполненные проекты

Выполненные проекты

  • DTZ: Sedus and Knoll furniture
  • Sony: Sedus Activation desking range (the constituency of existing line previously used for 12 years)
  • St.Sofia Homes: KnollStudio and Knoll furniture
  • MasterCard: Knoll, Sedus furniture and other individual solutions
  • Ukrainian Realty Group: Sedus furniture, BabiniOffice reception
  • SCM (System Capital Management): a “turn key” project for 4000 sq.m with Knoll furniture and handmade design
  • Vasyl Kysil and Partners: a “turn key” project for 1900 sq.m
  • CMS Cameron McKenna: Sedus furniture & chairs, glazed partitions
  • Schonherr: Sedus furniture & chairs, ScreenSolution partitions, KnollStudio
  • KPMG: Sedus furniture & chairs, partitions
  • Ukrainian Leasing Company: Sedus furniture & chairs
  • Global asset management: Sedus chairs
  • Abbott: Sedus furniture & chairs
  • Ghelamco: Sedus furniture